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Why Use a Buyers Agent in Brisbane?

  • Skills and knowledge you need on the ground

  • Your best interests are represented

  • Flexibility when you need it

  • Take back your free time

  • Save yourself the headache

  • Access to off market opportunities

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Buyers Scout as your Brisbane buyers agent, is that you will
have access to properties that you would not otherwise see advertised. So, it doesn’t matter how hard
you look, you may never find your dream house on websites like or Domain!

As your Brisbane buyers agent, you benefit from our contacts and database, to provide you
with these unique off market properties.

We are specialists in the Brisbane property market and represent local, interstate and international buyers – whether you plan to be an owner occupier or investor. We have established valuable local relationships to serve our clients interests in a flexible and supportive environment. There are so many advantages to working with a buyers agent – we can potentially give you access to properties before they even hit the market. We can also save you the headaches that come with dealing with real estate agents, and more importantly we bring all the pieces together for your property success. And, we can save you money too!

Your next dream house might be one that never actually hits the market.

Our Simple Buyers Agent Process

Roll over the steps and discover how we can secure your property

Settlement Process
Real Estate Agents
Understand The Market &
your Brief
Sourcing Property
Researching &
Presenting Properties
Crafting The Strategy / Offer
Due Diligence


Settlement Process

We assist our clients with the exchange of contracts, and conduct a pre-settlement inspection for our clients.


We have surrounded ourselves with a team of experts to support our client’s journey.


We set realistic expectations and ensure that we are crystal clear on what we are looking for on your behalf.

Real Estate Agents

We work closely with Real Estate Agents across Brisbane to leave no stone unturned.

Understand The Market &
your Brief

We listen to your requirements and goals. We conduct a feedback exercise to verify our client’s brief.

Sourcing Property

We provide our clients not only with properties which are on the market, but also with off, pre and post market as well as price reduced opportunities.

Researching & Presenting Properties

We go into the nitty-gritty searching for your property, and keep up to date with what is on the market and what has been sold.

Crafting The Strategy / Offer

There isn’t just one strategy! We develop a strategy based on the market situation and our client’s needs.


We embed negotiation in our process from the very beginning, and remain objective to achieve the best possible price for your new property.

Due Diligence

We conduct Due Diligence on your behalf, cross checking local council plans and projects so there are no nasty surprises after settlement.

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#Introducing B-Stack360

Your property success with

B-Stack360 has been designed to support our clients in Brisbane with their house buying journey and to accommodate an easy but comprehensive buyers agent process which doesn't miss a beat in any property market situation.

Secure The Best Property Deals With Our Qualified Buyers Agents

Finding out an ideal property can be a daunting as well as time-consuming task. We at Buyers Scout work towards making the whole buying process less stressful and more satisfying. Brisbane being a strong inflow of interstate migrants and is one of Australia’s fastest-growing cities with an extensive range of suburbs.

Get the best local guidance and expertise from our Property Buyers Agents in Brisbane and avoid making any mistakes while buying. Our buyer agents will help to uncover off-market options that will not be possible to do on your own. We offer our services in Brisbane, Gold coast and Logan.


What makes us stand out?

  • Bringing you special skills and knowledge on the ground
  • The interests of the customers are represented
  • We adjust to your flexibility whenever required
  • Save yourself from all the hassle
  • Get access to off-market opportunities

We are a dedicated Buyers Agent in Brisbane and specialise in the property market and represent local, interstate, international buyers and immigrants. Whether you plan to be an owner, occupier or investor, we have established local relationships to serve the client’s interests in a supportive environment. At Buyers Scout, we provide you with access to the properties before they hit the market. You need not worry about the real estate agents and the other complex processes, as we bring all the necessities together and achieve property success.

We work as the Best Buyers Agent in Brisbane and come with in-depth knowledge of the local market and extensive experience in the industry. We take the time to know our clients and their unique requirements, we can provide personalised solutions to meet their needs and exceed expectations.

If you are looking for a Buyer’s Agent in QLD, our experienced team of agents will offer services to tailor to meet your unique needs and requirements. Ranging from thorough market analysis to property inspection and valuation services, we negotiate and bid on your behalf and deliver solutions according to your needs.

Services we offer -

  • Auction services
  • General Buyers Agent
  • Buyers Agent Services
  • Property scouting
  • International buyers agent service for immigrates and investors

Effective & Organised Buyers Agent Process -

Client Management

We thrive towards natural expectations and ensure that we are clear on what you are looking for and fulfil your requirements accordingly.

Real Estate Agents

At Buyers Scout, we work with Real Estate Agents and carry out the work efficiently.

Understanding the market

We work towards fulfilling the requirements and goals and conduct a feedback exercise to verify the client’s brief.

Sourcing out the property

We provide the clients with the properties that are on the market and also offer off, pre and post-market along with reduced-price opportunities.

Thorough Research & Offering Properties

Our team checks out the nitty gritty for the property and keeps up to date with what is on the market and what has already been sold.

Crafting out the strategy

We develop strategies based on the market situation and the client’s requirements.

Process of negotiation

We include negotiation in our process from the very scratch and stay objective to achieve the best possible price for the new property.

Due Diligence

We perform due diligence on your behalf, like cross-checking local council plans and projects. You can rest assured that there would be no surprises after the settlement is done.

Settlement Process

We help our clients with the exchange of contracts and carry out a pre-settlement inspection for the clients.

Team unity

Buyers Scout is surrounded by a team of experts to support the client’s journey.

Enhancing Property with B-STACK360

B-Stack360 is a business management system that is designed to support clients in Brisbane, to ease out the house-buying process. It also helps to accommodate an easy comprehensive buyers agent process and keep up with the property market situation.

Our Services


Full Service

The search for your dream home can be a very time-consuming process and an expensive one when you pick the wrong property. Our full buyers agents service includes the sourcing and research of on and off market opportunities in Brisbane. We negotiate the best possible price on your behalf and ensure that nothing will be missed while we conduct the due diligence. In other words we ensure a smooth settlement process by working proactively with all involved parties. Essentially, we do the work and you relax.


Tailored Service

Our tailored buyers agent service is for you when you need our specific expert support and advice in one or more areas of your property buying journey in Brisbane. By being able to pick and choose from our services, you gain valuable advice and support when you need it most and save money on buyers agent fees, by not having to have the full service.


Auction Bidding

An auction can be a very emotional and stressful experience, especially when you have already missed out on your dream home. Don’t let things get this far! When you use our auction bidding service, you can relax knowing that you have an expert negotiator bidding on your behalf without being drawn into the common ploys and pressure tactics.

Top Tips from our Brisbane Buyers Agent

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“As a joint venture partner, I have worked with Joerg on a number of occasions and can highly recommend his commitment to delivering off market and/or financially viable property deals. He brings a very steady, reliable and trusted service in sourcing deals and providing solid feasibility documentation. His numbers and knowledge of the market confirm my sense of what I feel is a ‘great’ deal and the confidence to move on it”


“Joerg’s absolute attention to detail and deep understanding of the property market has meant that every opportunity he has presented to me has been both achievable and profitable.
His experience as a Brisbane Property Developer in his own right means that he really knows what makes a great deal so there is no time and expense wasted in looking at deals that don’t quite stack up.
His honest and straightforward approach makes him easy to deal with.
As small Developers ourselves, Joerg is a valued member of our team who we can always rely on”

Craig Adair

“We a family of three, began our first home buying journey two years ago. Being a busy family made it frustrating, as our schedules clashed with inspection times. On top of that off-market deals and cash buyers undermined fair competition.
At an inspection we met Joerg, saying call me when you are stuck while handing his business card. Taking up the offer changed everything. After discussing our criteria, Joerg provided suitable property options for us to consider. He managed inspections on our behalf or scheduled it during our free time. He provided us access to off-market properties, unavailable otherwise. Within 4-5 weeks, we found our home and price negotiations was led by Joerg.
We luckily won the race by slim margin. The settlement phase saw Joerg’s immense help in finding a solicitor and aircon inspector. He coordinated with the solicitor to ensure a thorough property study, aiding our decision-making.
Joerg, is a professional and friendly Buyer’s agent with unmatched attention to details. His expertise is a must for those have limited time or experience in the property market.”

Amira & Amir

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